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  • Rita, Sue and Bob Too
    ..were having a gang bang were having a ball......
  • Commodore 64
    i remember being desperate to get one of these beauties they seemed to be sold out all over the place i eventaually found one in a department store in walworth rd london it was a display model but it was the last one in the world or so it seemed to say i was choked when i got it home and the thing didnt work would have been an understatement a week or so after that currys at croydon miles away from where i lived had a new shipment of the machine so i had to get a train down there to get my hands on one it took pride of place on my bedroom desk and it meant i no longer had use for my old speccy 48k
  • ZX Spectrum 48k
    i remember how i used to treasure my old speccy going to super drugs the high street chemist who for some reason had a selection of zx spectrum games for sale basic cheap graphics or text only games but they were still games and only 99p what fun it was setting up the thing to tune it in to the tv then put in a tape into your own tape recorder you connected through leads at the side of the computer as the tape went round you had that glorious screaching squeeking whistling computer programme noise it went on for ages untill all those sqelches etc actually produced a game unless for some reason between the tape deck and zx a bleep or two had been missed which meant it didnt load and you had to do it all over again
  • Candy cigarettes
    never could work out if the paper around the chocalate was edible so spent most of my childhood spitting out soggy "fag wrappers"
  • Ovaltine Chocolate Bars
    i remember when they first came out my local woolworths must have over stocked on them or something because they were giving them out as some sort of freebie for everything you brought so if you brought a pair of socks- you got an ovaltine choclate bar . purchased a pair of plimpsoles -heres your choccie got a lump of cheese from the deli-have a bar got the latest top of the pops lp wow you got a chocolate etc my mum practicaly lived in woolworths so as you can imagine after a week of ovaltine chocolate the mear thought of it now gives me stomach cramps

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