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  • KP Whickers
    Yep...I remember these, very strong chicken flavour!
  • Cadbury's Spira
    I agree, Spira's were much nicer than Twirls, light and tasty!I remember having them at college, then they disappeared. It's a mystery, I thought they were popular too.
  • E.T. Biscuits
    Ahhh...I was so delighted to discover that I am not the only person in the world to remember E.T biscuits...I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing! They were brilliant, very cool at the time. I can remember the surface of the biscuit was covered in little circles...a bit like a planet..awww, they were soOoOoO cool!i just wish I had a picture of one now, I think I can remember them really clearly. Bring back the E.T biscuits!!!

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