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  • Sylvanian Family
    I had one bear and a baby rabbit I think, but I used to love more than anything going to my friends house as she had LOADS. It was great. I was careful never to take mine in case they got mixed up though. Cool toys that are still great now.
  • Care Bears
    I have an original Birthday Bear that I have managed to locate. He has Pride of Place in the lounge and the children are not allowed to play with him. I'm 29 now and know he was one of my first. Hes the small plastic one. Also have a bundle of the minatures that I keep in Cornwall for the children to play with when we visit my Dad. I did have the house too. Some of the best toys ever.
  • Thundercats
    You buy the cartoons on DVD now, the wonders of technology.
  • Fairy Tail Birds
    I had a couple of these two, a yellow one and a russet coloured one. I remember floating around with them clipped to my fingers, oh the joy or our childhood toys. So simple and we loved them.
  • Boo Boo Dolls
    I had Baby Twinkle and her Bed and Two little Boo Boos. They were fantastic, I think they always were my favourite toys. They used to have two beds at the bottom of the Babys Bed with bed covers and chairs etc. Does anyone know how to get hold of any of there. I'm not sure what happended to mine and I miss them.
  • Flower Fairies
    I had loads of these, also had the garden, that came with the swing and three little frogs. I loved the fairy Queen with her long blonde hair.x
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza
    Wow, I remeber the apple ones. Little pizzas, but they were sooo nice.

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