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  • Golden Cup
    Golden Cup was actually made by a company called MacKintosh! I haven't been able to find one of these for a few years now...far superior to a Dairy Milk Caramel....
  • Cider Ice Lollies
    Iceland do their own version of cider ice lollies! I bought a box a couple of months ago, and was promptly transported back to my childhood - scorching hot summers etc!
  • Zap Ice Creams
    I remember these as Pizazz. Pinky, browny, purpley, greeny marble effect with a toffee flavour.
  • United Biscuits
    These were my fave choccy biccy as a child - sure it was McVities that made them. Would love to have these brought back.
  • Tudor Crisps
    Tudor Spicy Chicken were AMAZING!!! And pickled onion too... Oh pleeeeease bring these back - especially the spicy chicken!
  • Smiths Tubes
    These were great - just like Squares but so much nicer!
  • Mumbo Gumbo Bars
    I remember these too - they tasted like the Um Bongo juice drink.

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