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  • CB Radio
    I had a york jcb 863 it attached to the good old biscuit tin in my bedroom . It started with a lad whos dad had one in his car ( when they were illegal I think ) then everyone started getting them . I can remember that 1st time getting my own cb radio and in my bedroom in my own little world crancking up the volume and "14 14 a copy wots ur handle mag mount was rubbish n u had to get all your badges or a proper external ariel from one of those cheap indian shops that sell everything assosiated with the cb craze . It was the modern day msn!! Mind I dont think your parents back then really gave a stuff who you were talking to like any old pervy trucker for example !! Eee mine still in the cupboard back at home in an old pod shoe box U 14 14 a copy anyone !!1

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