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  • Austin Maxi
    My dad had one of these. A 1750 HL. What luxury. was the first car he had that was front wheel drive, hence no big lump in the floor in the back from the drive shaft. So when we drove down south for summer holidays i could now sleep on the floor in comfort while my big brother hogged the back seat. Real velour seats and fluffy carpet throughout. Bliss.
  • Mojos
    In the sweet shop, they had small mojos in the halfpenny tray and big ones in the penny tray. In the summer holidays my aunty would give me and my cousin 5p each to go to the shop. back then it could take a while to decide what to spend it all on. If we were lucky enough to get 10p, we,d think big and go for the 2 penny tray..... Good times.
  • Candy cigarettes
    i would get a smokers set every christmas instead of a selection box. Always thought they tasted so much nicer than regular chocolate. Although i wasnt keen on the rolling tobacco made from shreaded coconut.
  • Spangles
    Cola flavour were great. i was horrified when they stopped making them.
  • Bob Monkhouse
    Bernie,,,,,The bolt. Up a bit,,,,, Left a bit,,,,, Fire.....