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  • The Shoe People
    sh-sh-sh shoooe pe-eople ba ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba ..then they brought out shoe people chocolate.. small royal blue colour wrap with a pic of one of the shoe people on the front! It must have been around 10p or less as I was actually able to afford it on the way to school. :o)
  • Secret Chocolate Bar
    Man Alive! there are actually people out therer that remember this too! I thought I was going cookoo! I've never met anyone else who remembers this until ...now! Thank Goodness. The advert was about 2 train carriages passing wasn't it? and a lady eating the bar in 'Secret'. It was wrapped in white 'open hexigon shape' cardboard with a gold wrapper. The inside of the chocolate birds nest was a tube shape of light beige marshmallow - I wish they would bring these back!
  • Big Red Chimney Pot
    p.s. I've scanned her in as my avatar!
  • Big Red Chimney Pot
    If we're all talking about the same thing - I still have the little lady from the family (with the bubbly red hair and blue bow) I rescued her as apparently I thought everyone died when they went down the chimney!

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