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  • Alexei Sayle's Stuff
    I used to drink with Alexei in the "little house" pub in Aigburth in Liverpool, he was a friend of my friends dad, and is an all round nice bloke!
  • Scratch and sniff
    I had a scratch n sniff t-shirt with a picture of fruit on it, and soon found out as a six year old that hundreds of scratches from your friends hurt !, somehow I dont think the marketing people thought of that !
  • CB Radio Handles
    At the time I was "Excalibur" (because I played Dungeons and dragons) And as my dad was a truck driver I got to use his in the school holidays while I was out with him (before eventually getting my own). I also had a little badge with the eyes and embossed red letters "You have just eyeballed Excalibur" !
  • 2000AD
    Still have my "space Spinner"(#1), "bionic transfers"(#2) (from MACH one) And my "code book" to translate Volgan to english (From the series Invasion), I read it from day one up until 1997 Besides Dredd, Harlem Heroes was my favourite...

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