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  • Stylophone
    still have mine in its box shame about RH face on it though,
  • Haunted House
    WOW I also had this game called Haunted House. I loved it me and my half sisters played it so many times. I loved it when the metal ball fell down the stairs and knocked the players figure down, brilliant.
  • Flight Deck
    I had one in about 74/ 75 for Christmas. my dad was in the fleet air arm and they had metal games like this at the air shows given for family members. I loved it, yes it was flimsy but all y uncles and step dad spent all Christmas and boxing with it I didn't get a look in. I had 2 fleet air arm phantom pilots actually playing the game when the visited on new years eve that year ! bet there were not may kids who had people that flew the real thing for the navy doing that. Yes the Navy or rather fleet air arm did fly them I sat in them when they came back off of the carriers. I recently found the game in the attic (2008 I Think) my 2 sons loved it spent hours landing the phantom. In they end they destroyed it. Good times.

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