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  • Candy cigarettes
    I well remember these. Quite liked them, yet, it never introduced me to smoking. I've never smoked. We knew, even at a young age, they were not real.
  • Warlord
    I used to have Warlord in 1977-78. A friend of mine was a committed fan of this publication. There was also a character called Killer Kane. It was about a Spitfire pilot and his main adversary a Messerschmitt pilot. Killer Kane finally shoots him down. The story was then replaced by Spitfire Island. I did not have much interest in that storyline. There was also a free poster with one issue showing German equipment, grenades etc. I did join the Warlord club. Had all the codebooks etc. until about 25 years ago. The winged W badge my still be around somewhere at my mother's house.

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