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  • Bell-Bottoms
    Oh I loved these too, they were high waist and tight down to the knees and a flare big enough to cover the tennis shoes.
  • Scratch n Sniff T-Shirts
    Oh my gosh I remember these, my mom worked in a clothing store and I had several of these, strawberry was the best, they smelled pretty good and after washing it was still there.
  • Clackers
    I have the original and they are glass thats why they took them off the market--I still have mine.they werealot of fun...
  • Clackers
    The original ones were made of glass..I still have mine. They were great.Later they took them off the market and brought them back plastic
  • Tippy Tumbles
    Oh my goodness yes I remember my Tippy Tumbles, she had a pink suitcase for batteries, and navy colored body suit with I think a striped top, and a bad short haircut, I think she was blond.I loved her, and also my red headed chrissy doll too. Those were the days,I was born in 63, I had the first easybake oven, it was yellow and I think I still have its old.

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