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  • Teletext
    Teletext has it's own special memory for me, my dad was a TV engineer in the 80's for Radio Rentals (remember them?) and although I wasn't around for it coming out (ceefax started 1974) I do remember going into the workshop where my dad worked (he was the boss) at the weekends and seeing rows of brand new sets on the workbenches and fiddling with the teletext on them! My dad even made a hybrid decoder board for teletext and retrofitted it into an old 70's set, it worked perfect, with it's ultrasonic remote!
  • Clarks Electric Foot Measuring Machine
    I remember this, I loved that, it was quite gentle for a machine, made going for shoes a joy!
  • Woolworths
    Can't believe that an established institution like Woolworths has folded up, everybody has memories of woolies, the smell in the shop, the pick n' mix, even just the shop itself, it was just unique, a solid, friendly face in the high street, now in the history books. A sad comment on modern day Britain.

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