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  • Banjo chocolate bars
    The finest chocolate bar ever made IMO. Everyone you mention Banjos to seems to say they were lovely.
  • Lucky Bags
    Was always one waiting for me when I visited gran and grandads on a Sunday. Seem to remember a plastic rocket that you put caps in the end and threw up in the air ...
  • Pink Shrimp Sweets
    I do - they were like flavoured foam. I also remember the bananas and false teeth made out the same stuff...
  • Pink Panther Bar
    I do remember these - like a strawberry flavoured milky bar. Very nice !
  • Rainbow Drops
    Yep - tasted of nothing and just disintegrated into dust as I remember !
  • Sun Lolly
    I do, yes. Mum used to get the orange ones from Asda. Like a small Jubbly from the ice cream van made from super-concentrated cordial
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    Mega flashbacks off this one. Used to have these all the time in the 70s. Basically thin air filled tubes with a coating for a bit, then a load off 'bits plus flavouring' at the bottom of the bag. Seem to remember there being loads of flavours

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