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  • Cartoon Jeans
    cringe - i had a black pair with fred flinstone on
  • Jelly Plastic Shopper Bag
    yes i had one for school - big yellow one and all the little things would fall out, i also had a round red one and lost my little care bear
  • Kylie and Jason
    how i loved kylie and jason, stickers on the door, posters....i had her video live in hong kong and i used to pretend to be her, when she went off to a costume change i used to run upstairs and change and then run back down with my hairbrush as the mic. to this day i still like kylie (not a jason fan now thoe) oh how i cringe when i used to kiss the posters of him (yuk)
  • Candy cigarettes
    you can still buy both types. i work in a newsagents and we have the spiderman white candy sticks with a tattoe and a card inside and also the chocolate ones in the boxes called old toad, and others, still white paper around them. kids love them - just like we did either thoe they taste quite horrible!!!
  • Ready Brek Advert
    you can still buy the the choclate ready brek - but can anuone remember the fruit and nut ready brek...it was so nice, i was only about six and it came in a green box. it was defintley ready brek, i crave for this to this day and really would love to know if anyine else can rember this.
  • Cadbury's Coconut Boost
    i feel for you - i too had this craving with my first, i thought then they had changed the name has the starbar was the only cadburys red wrapper i could find - it was nice but not a patch on the coconut boost. then i had the craving with my twins, its awful. but hey now - i have signed the petition to bring back cadbrys boost, all sign it, just type in to google, cadburys coconut boost petition....then hey, next time im pregnant, i might just be able to taste that boost again !!!!
  • Look and Read
    hi - i remember fairground and the thin man. my sister was petrifield of him. does anyone know if the bbc will be showing these again or of they are available to buy, i was 5, i have children now and how i would love to show them these look and read programmes, the greatest memories of my childhood AND NEVER FORGOTTON

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