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  • Hector's House
    This was one of my fave kids programmes when I was little, I even had a soft toy that looked a bit like hector, I don't think it was him because he was made out of leather but he had similar ears and that was good enough for me
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    I was addicted to these when I was a child but then I didn't see them for donkey's years, I love donkeys by the way but not in the same way as burton's puffs. When I greww up and got a baby in my tummy, I found some in a shop and was hooked once again, i bought them by the box and scoffed them every day and every night untill my baby popped out, then they stopped selling them. I think they must still have the ability to make these crisps, so why don't they because one day loads of people are going to go off their heads and start chanting outside the Burton factory and cause traffic problems

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