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  • Monster Munch
    anyone remember the vanilla monster munch a few yers ago, or the tongue blue pickled onion? :)
  • View-Master
    still making them? awesome. i had a projector for them, wasnt in 3d tho. we had an old reel from god knows when with 8 wonders of the world. il never forget the huge zeus statue in his chair. memories :)
  • Big Yellow Teapot
    yay i had one of these! it all eventually got hard to open. the lift up top, and the little garage at the bottom :) i kept my crayons in here. i wonder if the crayola carousel is in here......
  • A La Carte Kitchen
    ohhh al la carte kitchen!!! i loved those little cardboard food packets :) this was a wonderful toy.
  • WereBears
    i think i had howler. he came with a tape. such shiny black vinyl claws. an excellent toy i enjoyed. i bet theyve stopped production by now. i swear i still have him at my parent's house
  • Magic Eye Patterns
    this pic is a kangaroo. i see them in 10 second, and takes longer as they get bigger. you can use it very well to cheat on spot the difference puzzles :) you relax the eye muscle and the differences are the non solid lines- they tend to flicker. i loved magic eye so much. my grandad taught me to see them. its a lot of fun and worth trying. i found looking down toilet tubes helped to begin. lol

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