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  • Sweet Valley High
    I really liked the ones where they went trekking in a desert and found an abandoned mineshaft...
  • Baby-sitters Club
    My favourite was 'The Babysitter's Remember', one of the special books that was a collection of short stories loosely framed by a narrative device. I wish I still had that book
  • Smash Hits Magazine
    That song was Gitta 'No More Turning Back'. The tracklist for the video was: N sync, 'I'll Never Stop' Kim Lukas, 'All I Really Want' Fe-M@il, 'Flee Fly Flo' The Parade, 'Terrorize the Dancefloor' Steps, 'Better the Devil You Know' Gitta, 'No More Turning Back' Don Philips, 'Sugar' Brittany Spears, 'Born to Make You Happy.' I know you posted nearly 7 years ago but if you check back, I hope that helps.