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  • Saucy Sponge
    I loved the raspberry one!!It was the most inviting reddy pink colour and tasted divine!
  • Saucy Sponge
    OMG!! Thank you!!! I have got a right good old discussion going on on Facebook about this product!!! We've all been trying to remember what it was called! There was also a Raspberry flavour which was gorgeous! Such a clever idea. Hairy Bikers had a lady on who had a recipe for something similar she called The Impossible Pudding. I can go back to bed now!
  • Iced Gems
    Loved em! Still do !
  • Gold Rush Bubble Gum
    I found these recently in a shop in Skipton and Im happy to say they are still being sold in a little draw string bag :-D
  • Coconut Tobacco
    A sweet shop in Skipton sells it by the quarter :-) No tobacco pouch though :-D
  • Birds Eye Rissoles
    I absolutely loved them! Always with chips and frozen (obviously cooked lol) peas ! The Co-Op sold something similar in the 80's which were a sort of chop shape and were about 70p for a pack of 8 so was quite a cheap meal
  • Alphabet Candy
    There is a lovely sweet shop in the arcade in Skipton that sells them! I saw them there the other day and you can buy them loose aswell. Fantastic little shop that sells loads of retro sweets!