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  • Ripped jeans
    I grew up in the first wave of ripped jeans in late 80,s.I was about 18 when they were the rage.It was the only thing to be seen in 90% of young people would be walking about in patched up jeans mostly Levis which were shrink to fit at the time. Wearing jeans until they almost were ragged. patching was a big thing, even when patches wore trough you just added another over the top of it. Most off the jeans were boot cut, A second wave hit and there was a thing about wearing Flared or bell bottom jeans. Again not giving up there bootcut jeans they would transform the jeans in bell bottoms by adding side panels in them, Some were even made from knee length Levis or shorter then matching pieces of salvaged denim from old cast off jeans would be made into a patchwork of different shades of denim,and made back into flared jeans or bell bottoms that would flap around at your feet. At this time you could buy nearly anything made from old denim.coats,hats,bags,of all descriptions, I think this was the hottest fashion ever. But all this new ripped new denim does not appeal to me in any way. DENIM HAS TO BE WORN trough natural fading and ripping from hard wear TO GET A GREAT LOOK.

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