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  • Topic bar
    thick milk chocolate for youre delight:)
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    ps,still got my alpine name badge,and a few payslips:)50 pound per week.
  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    I worked for Alpine in Tipton 1986-88? Best job i ever had! You were your own boss. Pedigree (from usa) took them over and we started selling all kinds of rubbish like cuddly toys! Then the price went up and folk started cancelling as they could get 2 litres (in a shitty plastic bottle) much cheaper. Folk sacrificed quality for quantity! I remember running around with 8 or 9 bottles of pop, to most houses (fingers are all crooked now) and in winter the bottles were freezing cold in your fingers! Ever tried giving change in the dark when you're hands are frozen? I also remember going underneath the hood of the tk750s for a wee. Used to wee on the exhaust in the middle of the street and it stank! wow those were happy days:)

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