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  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    They stopped making these years ago, I contacted Burtons myself. That page comes up with a google search and is not valid.
  • Raves
    Oh yeah, happy days. I regularly visit my friend who now has mental illness thanks to all the drugs doing the rounds. Thankfully all I have to show for it is permanent ear damage as I didn't take drugs... ....but hey. I didn't listen to the 'olds'. I was a teenager, I was cool & I knew it all!
  • Ford Capris
    Nice to hear that there are a few capris still about...completely bstardised which defeats the object of owning one but there you go! Mum had about 4.......there's never been a car like it since.
  • Scratch and sniff
    A saturday morning kids programme did a 'scratch & sniff' tv special where you had to buy their magazine (cunning marketing ploy there!) to get the card, then as they walked to different rooms they indicated what item to scratch n sniff. It had a roast chicken on it which smelled nothing like chicken, but the smell was lovely & I can still remember it now!
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    Burtons closed a couple of their factories, including the one which manufactured the crisps and snacks.Apparently it cost too much to produce the crisps and snacks so they now concentrate on their biscuit range, If you liked the beef ones, crushed up t-bone steak roysters are the nearest I could get to them!
  • Burton's Fish 'n' Chips
    They did chicken & chips too. Used to get them at the school tuck shop.
  • Global Hypercolor T-Shirts
    I had a free one with 'Pot Noodle' written across it. Yep, I was a 'eat shed loads, make yerself sick & send the packs in for a freebie' junkie!

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