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  • Only Fools and Horses
    love this programm always takes me back to sunday evening sat round my nans tv with my mum and dad having a right good laugh,also last of the summer wine too, so sad those days are gone
  • Bovril Crisps
    bovril crisp were made by smiths crisps i absolutley loved smiths crisps walkers have taken over the salt and shake also the square crisps they are horrible now :(
  • Wheelz
    oh and had a squirrel on the front i think
  • Wheelz
    i absolutely loved these they were always in a bigger pack than normal crisps too, there was plain,onion and vinegar and then they brought like a mexican type flavour out yum yum, noone else ever rembers these tho
  • Grolsch caps on shoes
    i'm sure bros had them with clocks on to i put two old wristwatches on mine tho. pretty naff lol
  • Creepers
    i remeber creepers that were like a leather full sandal we had them for school as you could get them in navy blue, you had to wear them with farah trousers and a beneton sweat shirt
  • Point Horror
    loced piont horror when i was a teen many yrs ago, me and my friend were always worried that when we got older we wouldnt like adult fiction and would always read these

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