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  • Tamagotchi Pets
    haha the memory i have of these is we all had one each and there is 5 ov us and we got fed up of hearing them that we let our big brother look after them,we even took them on holiday and there is a pic of my brother goin mad as they are all beeping off at the same time.
  • Puppy Surprise
    my daughter has just been bought a puppy surprise for christmas, i didnt even know they have been brought back out. but when i was little i had a purple bear that had about 5 babies and then it got pinched by the little sister
  • Sky Dancers
    god my little sister had 3 of these and use to think it was funny 2 fly them at my head grrr.
  • Slap / Snap Bracelets
    i remember these lol! i had a arm full n spent my time slappin them on my brothers and sisters arms everytime they stuck there arms out great fun to tease me brothers especially.
  • Popples
    i still have my popple my mum and dad bought me it wen i was 2 and now my daughter has the fun playing with it like i did, mine is pink with one white and one green ear and it has a blue and white striped hat on. i dont kno wot its name is but i still love it now.

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