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  • Spangles
    I was a sickly child and always at the drs surgery for one thing or another. The only thing that made it better was the fact that he had a jar of spangles on his desk, and if i was a good girl and didnt cry when he listened to my chest and got me to blow into yet another peak-flow meter i would get to choose a spangle from the jar :) I always chose an orange one, loved them.
  • Pacers
    Yep, loved pacers too. Another thing that makes me nostalgic for my nan, as she used to buy them for us. Always remember one of my brother`s friends going home in a strop from my brother`s birthday party because he was wearing a green and white striped jumper and everyone was calling him pacer!! Lol, oh how we laughed. Classic sweet, classic memories.
  • Noodle Doodles
    I actually hated noodle doodles, but still get nostalgic for the advert, loved it!
  • Mojos
    Oooo i loved the spearmint ones, and the orange ones! A dear friend bought me a bag of the mint ones for my birthday this year, i ate them in about 5 minutes lol.
  • Corona soft drinks
    My nan used to get pop from the corona man for our weekly visits, every saturday. The cherryade was my absolute favourite, and many a good memory was made over those glass bottles with the chubby-cheeked jolly man on them. Sadly my nan passed away when i was 21, but i will always look back on those days with a smile.
  • Monster Munch
    I agree with caesar bird, the beef were the best but the new ones just dont taste the same :(
  • Cadbury's Spira
    Oh yes, spira over twirl every time! Well theyve brought back my other favourite, the wispa, so maybe its time to start the campaign to bring back the spira!!!!!

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