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  • Meccano
    I had a meccano set when I was very young, 1950s back then it was as popular as what Lego is today, I saw just recently on a program in Australia, were a car enthusiast had built a full size Holden 186 - 6 cylinder car engine with Meccano it was quite a feat, it was featured on a tv show called Classic Resto's presented by Mark Fletcher (Fletch)on our local tv station TVS 44 - Sydney, but this was an amazing thing to see at a car show. the old people still love to dabble with the historic Meccano product.
  • The Avengers
    The Avengers started out as a show called Police Surgeon were steed played an assitant to another star (unknown) it was later updated to The Avengers, with Patrick Macnee as Steed and Honor Blackman as Kathy Gale, she in turn was replaced by Diana Rigg as Emma Peeel, and finally Linda Thorson as Tara King, the later The New Avengers featured John Steed with Gareth Hunt as Mike Gambit and Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) as Purdy, the story was more expanded in the later version in the mid 1970s.
  • Adam 12
    The two police officers names were Malloy and Reed played by actors Martin Milner (Route 66) and Kent McChord, they worked for the Los Angeles Police Department, it was created by Jack Webb who also produced shows like Dragnet, Emergency and Project UFO.

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