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  • Status Quo
    I don't know how these guys keep going after all they've been through. Francis and Rick are complete Rock Legends. Their music is ageless.
  • Love Thy Neighbour
    The acting was really bad, but the dialogue was priceless. If it was shown today the PC brigade would have collective heart failure. It just goes to show how sensitive we've become.
  • Bill And Ben The Flowerpot Men
    At the time Bill & Ben caused a bit of an uproar. They were criticised because of the way they spoke, which was thought by some people to be a bad example for young children to copy and would hamper their development. If I remember rightly Bill & Ben was part of the Watch with Mother series. Included was Picture Book presented by Patricia Driscol, Andy Pandy, Bill & Ben, Rag,Tag & Bobtail and The Woodentops. Great stuff.

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