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  • Ronco Adverts
    Did Ronco become JML or totally unrelated?
  • Ronco Adverts
    Ronco clothes brush! Ronco record cleaner! Ronco chip cutter! Oh! What Christmas gifts of old!
  • Pagan Man
    the first aftershave i remember wearing at 15. long before kouros and Paco Rabanne changed things forever.
  • Golden Wonder Ringos
    I remember these being launched in the early 1970s. Two cartoon cavemen featured in the TV ad and you could get transfers of the characters free when they first went on sale. They reprised the two cavemen characters a few years back, something similar was done when golden nuggets breakfast cereal were reintrodueced a couple of years ago and the old gold prospector and his mule were used to promote them in TV ads.

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