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  • Bill Murray
    The Razor's Edge another excellent film, highly reccomended, Bill Murray keeping with his humour can play great serious parts well done Bill wherever you are
  • Bill Murray
    "What about Bob?" Excellent! In fact I will watch it this afternoon, love it, Bill Murray is wonderful in this film
  • John Candy
    I bought "Cool Runnings" videa for my son when he was about ten, we watched and rewound to re-watch I don't know how many times but it was for an entire Easter day that was miserable weatherwise, we were still laughing and enjoying it the last time we watched it in that day and have watched it many times since. John Candy was superb "Great Outdoors" is another great film. In his short life he left huge memories and whilst watching his films it's as if we know him personally.
  • Dan Aykroyd
    Dan Ackroyd a wonderful comedy actor though very best in "Great outdoors" with John Candy, watch that film over and over for a good laugh
  • Golden Wonder Crisps
    Never mind multi pack, do you remember the large family pack, I used to eat a whole packet myself!!! so greedy when it comes down to crisps and I used to seethe inwardly if anyody accepted my offer to have one!!!
  • Treets
    'Treets milk chocolate melt in your mouth not in your hand' was definately a Treets logo, I remember it well.
  • Aztec Chocolate Bar
    yes picnic bars without the raisins, they were much better. does anyone remember the Cadbury five boys chocolate? had pictures of boys faces - crying, smiling and other facial features.

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