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  • your first record
    i bought the beatles magical mystery tour ep. was wonderfull!! like a book with a record inside. played it at my aunties house and the family got the hump and told me to turn that rubbish off
  • Monkees Trading Cards
    yeah i collected them too. and had their posters all over the wall and belonged to their fan club! imagine my horror when i got home from school one day and my mum had ripped them all off the walls and decorated my room with pink floral wallpaper...as a nice suprise...NOT!
  • White Horses
    i loved this programme. can also still sing the theme tune! was going through a pony club/show jumping phase at the time. all my teachers complained about my total obsession with horses. one even wrote on my report "i am looking forward to the day when jan gets a boyfreind and then her horse obsession may stop" cheeky sod lol
  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    farmfoods did them untill not that long back and also a corner shop near here. am thinking that possibly they are still made!

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