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  • Chocolate Flavour Crisps
    I posted a picture here on the forum. They were indeed Tudor
  • Smax
    Burtons, just added a picture :)
  • Smax
    The white elephant packet was Krunchi Puffs, pictures on the forum.
  • Crunchie Puffs
    We have pictures on the forum,the spelling is Krunchi Puffs though :)
  • Shrinky Dinky's
    Hi, picture updated to a Weetabix promotion for Shrinkies more pictures can be found over on the forum. Shrinky Dinks were a brand name sold in the shops.
  • Create a garden/Britain's Floral Garden?
    I have edited the title to this post as I think you maybe looking for Britain's Floral Garden pictures can be found on our forum. All the best Huggie74
  • Cadbury Cabana
    Pictures of wrappers can be found over on the forum

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