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  • Eagle
    I have every copy of the Eagle. Going back to the 1950s my brother who is 8 years older than me had the Eagle from the start but when read was thrown away, at the beginning of 1958 when I was still 9 years old I picked up a Eagle that was laying around and saw Dan Dare in the start of The Ship that Lived, Anastasia was being attacked by Treen fighters, I was hooked, will the Anastasia be saved from the Silicon Mass, I had the for sight to keep the Eagle's so my collection started to grow, the other strips in were also excellent, even after Frank Hampson left in 1959 I thought the Dan Dare artwork and stories remained good up to the Earth Stealer then it went downhill, as my collection grew I often wondered what the early Eagle's were like. In 1965 when I 17 years old I put an advert in the Exchange and Mart asking for the missing Eagles, to my surprise I had quite a few reply 's, from 4 different people I finally got my missing Eagles. I remember the excitement receiving 4 brown packets in the post, they were in mint condition and still are, now my collection was compleat, I payed just £18 for them but remember this 1965, still cheap compaired to what the're worth today. I continued having the Eagle until it finished, towards the end the quality had gone downhill quite a bit. In the early 1970s I went off hitch hiking around Europe, my Eagles ended up in a shed at my parents place, in 1974 I retrieved them, they were cover'ed with cobwebs but we're quite dry, a lucky escape, I made 3 large wooden box's to protect them. I still love reading them, my faverate Dan Dare stories are The Red Moon Mystery, Rogue Planet, Region of the Robots, The Ship that Lived. Eccept for 2 or 3 they are in good condition with over half in mint condition, pure nastalgia.

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