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  • Crystal Tipps and Alistair
    I wanted to live there as a child. Loved the hair, LOL!
  • Mary, Mungo And Midge
    Class TV! I was trying to desribe it to my 2 kids last week, theydidn't look impressed!
  • Marillion
    I won tickets to see them too, at the Cornwall Coliseum. I vividly remember turining up in a black rara skirt , black top and a ponytail with a huge bow(a la claire grogan, dontcha know!)and feeling soooooooo out of place. Was honestly one of the best gigs ever though.
  • Um Bongo
    OMG! I loved Um Bongo! When i was in the 6th form, all my mates would be getting bladdered on white lightening and there'd be me with a litre of um bongo! Sad. X

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