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  • Jake's Progress
    yes i remember this and Jake was always saying "Play with me daddy" cos nobody seem to have time for him. it was a good with a good twist at the end!
  • Pink Elephant Choc Ice
    i remember both of these. My dad used to buy me a pink elephant when the Walls ice cream van came to the park where he took me and my brother to play football or cricket on sunday after tea. Pink elephants were so much better than your normal choc ice. Yummy strawberry ice cream!!!
  • Milk Tray Chocolate Bar
    yep i remember milk tray bar, they were yummy.
  • Rondello Biscuits
    i remember rondello biscuits. Mcvities made them, they were big round biscuits, melt in the mouth, came in a box of about 6 or 8 cos they were so big. I loved them. Gill F

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