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  • Titanic
    Went to see this 3 times when it was out, just to see Leo. 11 years on I can't believe what a waste of time and money it was! They usually show it on TV around Christmas in the UK, its a very dull film, can't believe I actually paid to see it!
  • Tamagotchi Pets
    I didn't have a proper Tamagotchi, my mum was stingy so I had a cheap version instead, I think it was a dog. They banned them at my school, but everyone used to take them in anyway.
  • Barcode Battler
    I remember these when they came out, never had one though. They werent around for long where they?
  • NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
    My parents got my brother and I one in Christmas 1994. Think it's still around somewhere.
  • Wet Wet Wet
    I used to love Marti Pellow when I was 3 (1988) apprently I used to stare lovingly at the screen whenever he was on TV.

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