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  • Billy Bean And His Funny Machine
    We as children, never thought of the inventiveness and imagination of the backstage people who designed and built these fantasy machines, such as the one used by Billy Bean and other characters in children`s television at the time. They must have had a slightly off the wall humour, to do what they did.
  • Billy Bean And His Funny Machine
    Yes I remember the old televisions Alan. The sound came on first, followed by a picture that was supposed to be black and white but was usually dark grey and cream. Then they went all modern and went from 405 lines to 625. We could still see the horizontal lines on the screen though and they became more obvious the bigger the screen. Then they created a plastic lens that you placed over the screen to make the picture look bigger. I have suddenly realised, that I am older than I thought, so I`ll stop now.
  • Billy Bean And His Funny Machine
    Do I remember it ? Yes I can and I still know the tune and the words to the song. My wife thinks I`m crackers and perhaps she`s right. I am after all, at an age where things start to droop just prior to crumbling away.