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  • Andrew McCarthy
    I loved this man so much, even during the wooden performance he gave in "Bernies". When i turned 30 my husband wrote to him for a signed photo and gave me a box set of all his DVD's along with a book called "Looking for Andrew Macarthy" written by Jenny Colgon. Its a story about a woman turning 30 who goes on an adventure to track down her teen heart throb! its was the best present ever!
  • CB Radio Handles
    Don't know about talking to people from "all over thw world"......my brother had one and put the arieal in the loft. i think the furthest person he spoke to lived 2 street away. He had the coolest handle ever, he was "black maria" -in tribute to his anti-police stance of the day and the fact that he was black!. He had a little badge that had two wobbly eyes on it and the slogan on it read - "you have just eye-balledd Black Maria". I don't think i really got the jist of it and would invent a new handle every time i sneaked a go (usually when he was out) therefore no-one every know when i was on cos i would always go by a different handle

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