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  • Misty
    I absolutely loved this comic. In fact, the memories of a couple of the stories still freak me out! One was about a young woman who claimed she had an evil twin called Davina, but everyone around her thought she was suffering from schizophrenia. In the end, the woman was found killed and in blood written on the mirror beside her body was the chilling message "My sister is dead, but I still live on. Davina". *shudder* Last year (2009), a special edition of Misty was published. I accidentally discovered it in WH Smith, while looking for a magazine for my daughter! I was so excited, I bought it. Reading it brought back so many memories. And it suddenly occurred to me, they don't really have comics for girls any more, it's all magazines now. It's such a shame because I remember I couldn't get enough of them - Bunty, Debbie, Mandy the Blue Jeans, Patches and Jackie etc. PS. I just googled "Misty" and they have a website you can by back issues from! http://mistycomic.co.uk/Home.html

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