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  • Monkey
    I am & always will be an avid & absolutely huge monkey fan though I need to put on very popular misconception to bed which the lyrics actually were (&still are) "Born from an egg on a mountain top the PUNKIEST Monkey that ever POPPED, he knew every magic trick under the sun to tease the gods so everyone could have some fun, monkey magic, monkey magic, monkey magic etc. also thoug I loved the intro song the end credits tune was just as awesome "Ghandara, Ghandara they say it was in India..." the reason the dubbing was so bad was that when bbc bought the series from the East there were very few scripts & the small budget would not allow for translation so the voiceover artists were pretty much given free reign as long as they stuck to the original storyline, which is why especially in the first episode ("grow stick, grow" it sounds like a 'carry on' film tripitaka was a girl playing the part of a child priest who was aupposed to be completely pure hence the girl playing the part.

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