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  • Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle
    Evel Knievel was brilliant. I remeber launching mine into the fireplace & using Beano annuals as ramps...a real 70s iconic toy (i'm getting a new one from the wife for my birthday!).
  • Buck Rogers Action Figures
    Buck Rogers starfighters...I think I still have mine in the loft! I remember getting my Dad to hacksaw off the safety bar on the front so it looked more realistic to the ones on the TV. I also remember having a massive crush on Wilma Dearing!
  • Action Man
    I had the bearded AM who I always put as the German for my cool eagle eyed AM to attack...he always lost. Zip lines from your bedroom must have been mandatory!
  • Action Man
    My favorite AM toy was the assault boat with working outboard motor. I still have all my old 70s AM in a starsky & Hutch bag in my cupboard altough the heads have fallen off most of the figures. I used to get a new special operations bag every summer as a treat...does anyone else remember them?

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