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  • Digital Watches
    I remember getting a bionic man digital watch I think it was 76 ish I liked the glowing led it was ace in the dark :)
  • Buzby
    and Buzbys mum, irene handel "If we'd have been meant to land at 100 miles an hour we'd have been given wheels"
  • Triumph Acclaim
    Havn't seen one for a while and the last one I saw was in very good condition. Used to work on them in the early 90's I remember them being surprisingly fast performance wise and rusting away bodywork wise
  • Bandits
    For some reason I seem to recall bill oddie being in the advert
  • Liquorice
    I used to buy it when I was a kid (70's)if I see it I buy a stick for old times sake :)
  • Root Beer
    i love root beer, marmite and vegemite mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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