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  • Victoria Plum
    Instead of pop stars and good looking fellas, when I was 13 I had Victoria Plum posters on every wall in my room! I'm nr 40 now and wish I'd have kept those things! Sigh...!
  • Strawberry Shortcake
    I wish I could have my SS dolls back! You never truly appreciate them until they're gone do you? At least I didn't anyway! And now, have you seen how much the old ones are going for on ebay? If I'd have kept all mine and looked after them I could have made a fortune selling them! But I know I never would sell them! I WAN'T THEM BACK!!!
  • Rainbow Brite
    I had this doll too when I was about 10! I also had the stationery set! Infact! I STILL have the stationery set (albeit in rather poor, well used condition) nearly 30 yrs later in an old case I've had for years. The baddie? Was he called Murky or something like that?
  • Tree Tots Treehouse
    I remember getting this for christmas in 1976! It was the best toy I'd ever had and I had so much fun with it! I kept this 'til I was 27yrs old but by then it wouldn't close and all my characters and furniture were either lost or abused by my own children! One day,(about a yr ago when I was then 38yrs old) I watched a program on telly which blew stuff up that was no longer wanted or 'worthy' One of these things was the Kenner-Palitoy Tree house! It brought so many memories back to me and I was outraged that such an old, vintage toy like that was deemed as 'Hideous' 'Hateful' and 'totally uncool', then a small stick of dynamite was put in the yellow lift door and the whole thing exploded! I was gutted! These memories got me trawling ebay and now, a year later I am the proud owner of FOUR vintage tree tots tree houses with all the accessories for each and every one! I love 'em! I s'pose that program did me a favour really as I have now (aged nr 40!) reverted back to my childhood and am now collecting loads of other 70's vintage toys inc the 1971 Fisherprice record player and the original Tiny Tears doll! I also have the big school boot and the musical merry-go-round from the early 80's and a 1966 musical Ferris Wheel which came out when my 65 yr old mam was just 20yrs old then! My obsession has left me pretty skint now but I know I'll keep saving for yet more old toys! Sigh! Oh the memories...

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