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  • Hammer House of Horror
    The Silent Scream and Children Of The Moon are both excellant. Children of the Moon,,,when i watched it on DVD for the 1st timn made me jump,,cos u don't see it comin.
  • Flash Gordon
    Me and my brother use to love watching this. When it 1st premiered on TV, we watched it on Xmas morning whilst we opened our presents. Its one of those films,,that as kids you can watch it and then rewind it and watch it again,,,we use to do that with Star Wars and Sinbad Eye Of The Tiger.
  • Alien
    Can anyone remember when Alien was first broadcast on UK terrestial TV? I can remember watching it on video with my brother when we were pretty young. we found a copy of the film our mum and dad had made off the TV. Heck i even have a vague memory of the TV advert for the TV premiere,,,i think.

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