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  • Ford Cortina MkIV
    i had a red 16 cortina crusader,white 8 spoke wheels 215/60/13 tyres top of the range sound system.mint condition .loved it
  • Hawkwind
    seen hawkwind for the first time 85 rock city notts,what i can remember ,fantastic ,but i think i had other thinks on my mind,lol,seen bob calvert at acid daze ,leeds starfighters ,a classic,seen hawkwind earlier this year still knocking out great sounds,something was missing ,but still apprieciated them.
  • Kryptonics
    e and m deck lazer8s trucks,bones wheels ,sims racing bearings.plus can you remember skyhooks,malibu dog bowl nottingham,skate store sat morn ,mansfield market ,boarding under the car park ramp .bring it on

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