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  • The Quest
    I remember watching this at my Grandma & Granda's house when I stayed there at weekends! Kurt Russel was alright but I liked his dark haired brother (Tim Matheson ?) I thought he was hot, when I was 8 or 9 years old!!
  • A Bit of a Do
    Tickety-boo was always said by one of the male characters!
  • Coty L'Aiment
    Aaaaw, this still is my mums favourite scent - it disappeared for a while then was re-introduced but does not have exactly the same smell.
  • Pippa Dolls
    Wow! I had a Pippa, Brit and the red head one, a couple of ponies and various outfits. An air hostess outfit seems to stand out in my mind! I am now 46 and my daughter (now 24) played with them when she was young! Mum & Dad moved house about 5 years ago and the dolls etc were still up in their loft - I dont know what happened to them after that but I wish I had kept them now!
  • Ferguzade
    I was never that keen on Lucozade but loved Ferguzade!! It came in the same big glass bottle as Lucozade but it was a limey-green colour and a pure treat when I was off school ill! Aaaah memories, memories!

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