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  • Steer-n-go
    Unfortunately my mum and dad split up in 1979 and i had to leave mine behind. Never saw one in real life again since but the memory of having one will be with me forever.
  • Jacko Monkey
    Wahoooo! Memories of Jacko. I too had a Jacko which was taken away from me at a young age. I searched for years but to no avail. Probably because I made out to feed him Pacers (1970's mint sweets) and that he could talk when no one was looking. The moral of my story is...dont pretend to an adult that your Jacko eats and talks when they are not around! I was not mad...it was just a game!! I bid £100 on a Jacko on ebay and didnt win and just when I thought I'd never see a Jacko again, I got one. So don't ever give up people, it wont go away until you have a Jacko once again. Only one problem, where the hell do I buy Pacers?! I think my Jacko is addicted to Soothers...but that's another story!

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