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  • Educating Marmalade
    Loved this show - always loved it when Marmalade mucked around - i remember she was sent off to different schools each week to try and educate her - she even ended up in prison but was so disruptive that the guards made her escape
  • Come Back Lucy
    The Come Back Lucy i remember was about orphan Lucy who is sent to live with her cousins after her grandmother ?? dies - Lucy doesn't like the noise or bustle her cousins make and she retreats to the attic - there she finds an old mirror ??? which allows her to make contact with a girl her age called (i think) Alice who lived years ago in the house - Lucy forms a frienship with the "ghost" who turns out not to be as friendly as Lucy thinks. This show was based on a book called Come Back Lucy - there was another book after this but i can't remember what it was called

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