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  • Wimpy
    i used to go in the 80's with a friend every year for a birthday meal after the pictures....hey that was a treat in those days!! i will always remember how nice the food was 1/4 lb cheese burger and knickerbocker glory. far nicer than mackies. the knickerbocker glory's were an absolute dream!!! do they still sell them? its years since i've been in..
  • Texan Bar
    i used to love texan bars, even though they were so difficult to eat. when i used to stretch them out of my mouth all the chocolate would fall off!!!
  • Root Beer
    personally i love the stuff, and was gutted when mackies stopped selling it, but horray!! asda sell ben shaws root beer in cans (6 pack) and its just the same!!
  • Marathon Bar
    what was wrong with the yanks changing theirs to marathon?? also it definatley tasted nicer when it was marathon
  • Golden Nuggets
    we've just had some delivered from aquarterof along with sweet tobacco, sweet peanuts, kop kops etc..it all takes you back!! and i'm pushing 40!!!
  • Hanky Panky
    i remember them! they were lovely. but no one i speak to can remember them.
  • Oric 1
    our mum + dad bought us an oric in the 80's, it was supposed to be 'the next big thing in computers' according to my dad. probably to soften the blow of not being able to get hold of a spectrum. (which was top of the xmas list). all i remember is all of us sitting up till 1am on boxing day, trying to type in the program for frogger!! we had so many problems getting the games to run, that when we did it was like we'd won the lottery!! god knows what happened to it. i think the company only lasted 5 minutes before it went under

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