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  • Burton's Potato Puffs
    I agree with one commenter who said they were the best! If these were deemed a failure with the consumer, I could only blame Burtons for a sad lack of effort. They had a tasty, addictive product here. But who sees Burtons on TV or in prominant position in the supermarkets? I sure havent If they'd marketted this product properly, there would have been no need to close the factory. In fact I believe the factory could have been churning these out for a world wide market or they could have franchized its production elsewhere. It would be interesting to learn who owns Burtons and what their general commercial strategies are. It sounds like a small family concern with an small thinking executive structure.
  • Banana Creamy Ice Lolly
    Earlier on it was more a banana milk lolly, then later (maybe when it was taken over) it became thicker and more like an icecream block on a stick. Think they also had a strawberry version of the icecream. I was upset when it changed into the icecream but devastated when it disappeared altogether.

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