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  • Treets
    Similar to Marathon changing to Snickers Minstrels were originally Chocolate Treets came in a similar brown bag while the toffee one were blue and peanut yellow I think that's where the confusion over the "melt in your mouth not in your hand " slogan and it was used for both products
  • Banjo chocolate bars
    Mars made Banjo (Trophy)
  • Aero
    The Nestle version of Aero (like all the Nestle versions of former Rowntree Mackintosh products) is not a patch on the Rowntree Mackintosh version of the 1970s/80s the chocolate is totally different
  • Club Biscuits
    You can still buy a milk Jacob's Club in its original form in the Republic of Ireland
  • Golden Cup
    Golden Cup was made by Rowntree Macintosh ....Nestle had nothing to do with it

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