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  • Christmas
    I remember at christmas in the late 70's when I was a little nipper drinking Cinzano bianco and lemonade(mostly Lemonade) and feeling all grown up also trying to go to sleep on christmas eve about 5 pm so christmas day comes a lot sooner but never seemed to get any sleep at all
  • Queen's Silver Jubilee
    I remember being given the Jubilee coin at school but I also remember my elder brother getting some sort of travel sweets in a round tin has anyone else had these travel sweets. neighbours painted their concrete fence posts red white and blue,not heard of nowadays too many foreigners
  • Live Aid
    Retrogirl some of the best performers ever seen on both sides of the atlantic or Russ Abbott.........Russ Abbott win's hands down
  • Live Aid
    I agree with Fiona nothing will ever come close to live Aid 85 performers made the occasion

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